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CorporateOrderForm Large Gift Tower
Gift Box includes:
A 35-piece Artist Collection, a 15-piece Holiday Collection, a 6-piece Artist Collection, a Holiday Candy Bar and a Caramel Collection.
If our Holiday Candy Bar is sold out, we will sub a Kate-y Trail Mix Bar
CorporateOrderForm VIP Gift Box
Anyone receiving this gift with feel like the ultimate VIP. Gift box includes our 35-piece Artist Collection and 4 of our Handcrafted Candy Bars.
CorporateOrderForm Small Gift Tower
Gift Box includes:
A 15-piece Holiday Collection, a 6-piece Artist Collection, a Hand Crafted Candy Bar, a Caramel Collection, and 2 Chocolate Bars
CorporateOrderForm Deluxe Gift Box
Impress with our Deluxe Gift Box. Box includes our 15-piece Artist Collection, 2 of our Handcrafted Candy Bars, and our Caramel Collection
CorporateOrderForm Artist Collection - 35 piece box
Chef selected assortment of artistic chocolates
CorporateOrderForm Artist Collection - 15 piece
Chef selected assortment of artistic chocolates
CorporateOrderForm Artist Collection - 6 piece box
Top 6 Bonbons
This box includes: Hazelnut Latte, Peanut Brittle, Cookie Monster, Key Lime Pie, Raspberry, and Truffle Honey
CorporateOrderForm 15 piece Holiday Collection
Our 15 piece Holiday Collection is filled with Holiday favorites like: Peppermint, Apple Gingerbread, Milk & Cookies, Cinnamon Whiskey Praline, and Cranberry Orange

Available Thanksgiving - Christmas 2017
CorporateOrderForm Snack Pack
Need to have them all? A great gift is our Snack Pack which contains one of each of our handcrafted candy bars, including our limited edition Holiday candy bar!
CorporateOrderForm Chocolate Bar Set
One of each Chocolate Bar wrapped in a Kate Weiser Chocolate ribbon.
CorporateOrderForm Handcrafted Candy Bar: Kate-y Trail MIx Bar
This candy bar has EVERYTHING! Peanut Butter ganache is layered with smooth caramel, mixed nuts, granola, pretzels and bing cherries.
CorporateOrderForm Handcrafted Candy Bar: Almond Apricot Bar
Layered bar with Dulcey almond butter, streusel, candied almonds and dried apricots
CorporateOrderForm Handcrafted Candy Bar: Milk n' Cookies Bar
Milk Stout ganache layered with biscoff gianduja and fresh baked sea salt chocolate chip cookies.
CorporateOrderForm Handcrafted Candy Bar: Passion Praline Bar
Tart passion fruit is layered with crunchy hazelnut gianduja for that perfect citrus treat.
CorporateOrderForm Holiday Candy Bar
This Holiday themed candy bar is layered with dark chocolate ganache, peppermint bark, cocoa cookie crunch, and peppermint marshmallow.

Available Thanksgiving - Christmas 2017
CorporateOrderForm Bacon Toffee
This highly addictive treat is all about salty and sweet. Classic English toffee is enrobed in dark chocolate then doused with bacon and smoked sea salt.
CorporateOrderForm Caramel Collection
Assortment 7 piece box of Salted Caramels, Almond Caramels, and Dark Chocolate Caramels
CorporateOrderForm Chocolate Pumpkin
Our dark chocolate pumpkins are filled with pumpkin pie truffles, chocolate dipped apricots and candied orange peels, chocolate covered toffee bits and chocolate pecans.

Available September 15 - Thanksgiving, 2017
CorporateOrderForm Carl the Snowman - PICK ME UP!: Pick up Only
Carl the Snowman is our 6" tall Drinking Chocolate Snowman stuffed with powdered drinking chocolate mix and mini marshmallows. Melt Carl in a pot of milk over medium heat, watch Carl melt, stir, sip and enjoy! Carl makes enough Drinking Chocolate for 4-5 people. Complete with instructions!

Available for pick up starting Monday, November 21st 2016

This item is for pick up only at our Trinity Groves location.

Disclaimer: Carl the Snowman is our most popular holiday gift item. We have been working around the clock to make enough this holiday season, but there is a good chance we will sell out. We highly recommend placing a pre-order to guarantee yours today!
CorporateOrderForm Carl the Snowman - SHIP ME!: Shipping only
For the first time since Carl's creation 2 years ago we are able to ship your very own Carl the Drinking Chocolate Snowman. Complete with instructions, ship this to your loved ones to melt in a pot of milk and enjoy delicious hot cocoa!

Disclaimer: We have developed special custom packaging to keep Carl safe during transit which has increased the price for all shippable Carls to $35.00 before standard shipping fees apply. Although Carl the Snowman should arrive in 1 piece, please be aware minor damage during shipping may still occur. He's just THAT high maintenance, but we still love him.
CorporateOrderForm Holiday Ornament
Our Holiday Ornament is 4" tall and made of delicious dark chocolate. Each ornament is filled with Rum Truffles, Chocolate Covered Nuts, and Chocolate Covered Dried Fruit. These come in every color of the rainbow. Contact us for custom colors or color availability.

Available Thanksgiving - Christmas 2017
CorporateOrderForm Peppermint Bark Christmas Tree
Our 8.5" Christmas Tree is made entirely of peppermint bark. Break it open and enjoy!

Available Thanksgiving - Christmas 2017
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